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Product FAQ

How do I choose the correct safe?

There are three main points to consider. First, what do you want to store in your safe? Second, where will you want to put it, for example, will you want a wall safe, a floor safe, or a freestanding one? Thirdly, what's the maximum weight your home or office can take? Read on for guidance.

Cash and other valuables

A Security or Cash Safe is ideal for storing money, jewellery and similar valuables. These safes protect against theft and are usually gauged by the manufacturer Cash Rating. A safe's Cash Rating is determined by its build quality. The higher this is, the more secure the safe. Click here for more info.

Cash and Security safes are identified by this icon: Cash and security safe icon

Fire Safes

Want to protect your paper documents against fire damage? Go for a Fire Safe. This protects against fire, as long as the safe's internal temperature doesn't exceed 177°C, which is the approximate combustible temperature of paper. Click here for more info on Fire Ratings.

Fire Safes are identified by this icon: Fire protection safe icon

Data Safes

A Data safe is ideal for storing computer media such as disks and cassettes. It gives a high level of protection against fire, as long as the safe's internal temperature doesn't exceed 52°C, which is the approximate combustible temperature of plastic. Click here for more info.

Data Safes are identified by the following icon: Data protection icon

Weight of your safe

'Floor loading' is a measurement indicating the maximum weight your floor will take. If you're thinking of choosing a safe weighing more than 400-500kgs, we'd advise you to contact a qualified surveyor who will measure your floor load first. For more info, call us on 0800 432 0722.

What is Cash Rating? How is it determined on a Cash or Burglary Safe?

Cash rating icon Cash Rating indicates a safe's security level, and the highest amount of money that should be kept in it. It's determined by door and wall thickness, lock types used and the safe's general build quality. Insurance cover can vary depending on your location, and may be higher or lower than the manufacturer's recommended Cash Rating. Check with your insurer for exact ratings. The higher the rating, the more secure the safe.

How is the fire rating determined on a Fire or Data Safe?

Fire rating icon Every safe we sell must first pass three tests. A fire endurance test, an explosion hazard test and a fire drop test. The results are used to determine the fire rating.

Can safes be bolted down to the floor?

Tools icon Yes. All freestanding security safes come with pre-drilled bolt down holes and bolting hardware. Most fire safes can't be bolted to the floor though, as any holes would breach the fire-resistant barrier. Some Phoenix fire safes have specially designed and patented base fixing trays to overcome this problem.

Can I change the combination on any safe myself?

Combination lock icon All safes with a traditional dial combination come with either a preset number combination, or a changeable one. If you want to change a preset number, you'll have to get a qualified master locksmith on the job. All electronic combination locks are changeable by following the manufacturer's instructions.

What if I lose or forget my combination?

Question icon Contact us. Have the safe's serial number handy, plus proof that you're the safe's original owner. We can then try and provide a re-set code (where possible) or talk you through changing your access code.

What if the batteries run down on a safe with an electronic lock?

Electronic lock icon Not to worry. Even if the battery runs down, your combination will be saved. Just check the manufacturer's instructions for what to do next.

How can I distinguish between a right-handed and left-handed door?

Magnifying glass icon When you stand facing the door and the hinges are on the right, the door is right-handed. If they're on the left, the door is left-handed.

Website FAQ

How do I buy from your website?

Basket icon

Easy. Each item has a Buy button. Once you select something, it goes into your shopping basket. To view and amend items in your basket, click on the basket button on the left of this page.

When you're ready to pay, choose your payment option. You'll be asked for your name, address and payment details. Once your order's complete, you'll receive email confirmation within 30 minutes.

Are there any risks to buying online?

As you'd expect, your details are safe with us. We transmit all your personal data, including your card number, over secure connections for authorisation and payment. Even we can't see your information. Only your bank can. Click here for more info.

When do you contact me to arrange installation?

Usually within 48 hours of placing the order.

Is my transaction secure?

We process every online transaction using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption via SagePay. This industry-standard method makes sure that information sent from your browser is scrambled while in transit, and decoded when it arrives on our server. Our servers sit behind a state-of-the-art hardware firewall and the computer that handles the card services cannot be accessed from the internet.

When will you install my Safe?

Installation Will take place on the day your safe is delivered, usually within 5 to 10 working days of placing your order. The delivery team will call you to arrange a suitable installation date. Installs take place during normal working hours, Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.30pm.

Your personal information

Security icon We collect your personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. For further information regarding your personal information please see our Privacy Policy.

Can I change my installation date?

The engineers will arrange a date for delivery and installation direct with you. If you wish to reschedule your appointment, please contact our customer service team at least 24 hours before your install date and they will do their best to assist you.

Do prices include VAT?

All our prices are shown both exclusive and inclusive of VAT, at 20%.

Which credit/debit cards are accepted?

Cards icon PayPal and all major credit cards and debit cards including Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express.

When is my credit card debited?

Box icon When goods are dispatched, we debit funds from your account overnight directly into our own. If anything you've ordered is out of stock or unobtainable, we'll only take a partial debit. We can also cancel or refund individual items, if need be.

What parking access is required?

Depending on your location, the engineer will visit in a large 10 - 18 tonne vehicle and will require adequate parking space for the duration of the install.

What happens if my card authorisation fails?

Warning icon Check you've entered your credit card details correctly. Just press the 'back' button on your browser to go back to the card input page. Correct whatever needs correcting and try again. If it still fails, contact your bank.

Can you install my safe to the wall?

Yes, however this is a specialised service that is not available for all safes. Please speak to one of our safe experts who will guide you through the requirements for this installation.

How do I get a discount code?

Communication icon Easy. From time to time we release promotional discount codes via our newsletter and our Facebook page. If you would like to receive a discount code you can subscribe to our newsletter or like us on Facebook.

Delivery FAQ

Where do you deliver to and what are the costs?

Standard delivery is free to most UK mainland addresses. We deliver to most areas in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Europe, although some locations and courier availability can restrict our service. We may charge a fee to deliver certain products to Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, Isles of Scilly and the Isle of Man.

A few delivery rules!

We deliver small or lightweight items (under 60kgs) to your doorstep only. For heavy items (above 60kgs), we offer a Position Delivery service (prices indicated on product page). This includes bringing the item indoors and placing it where you'd like - as long as there's no more than one step on the delivery route. If there's lift access, this also includes basements and upper floors.

Additional charges for delivery via steps or stairs

Got more than one step? We can quote for these at the time of order. For some items, we may need to come out and conduct a free delivery survey.

Failed delivery

If we're unable to deliver, usually because of incorrect delivery instructions, we charge an additional 10% of the purchase price.

Call us first

If you have any concerns, call us on 0800 432 0722 and we'll happily advise you.

Which courier do you use?

Our products are all shapes, weights and sizes so we use a wide range of couriers to suit.

Can I track my order?

Use the Track Order link at the top of every page. You'll need your order number plus the email address you used when placing your order.

Will I need to sign for delivery?

Yes. All deliveries require a signature on delivery.

When will my delivery arrive?

With many of our products you can select your preferred delivery date during the ordering process. For larger items being delivered inside your building our courier will contact you to agree a suitable delivery date.

What time will my delivery be?

Delivery will usually take place between 9am and 6pm. On selected smaller items where you see this icon

you'll get a text message indicating a one-hour delivery window.

What if I'm not in when you deliver?

For small or lightweight items (under 60kgs) deliveries will usually be made Monday to Friday, between 9am and 6pm. If you are not available each time an attempt is made our courier will leave a card at the delivery address confirming they have tried to deliver. Follow the instructions on the card to rearrange delivery or to collect your item(s) from the courier depot. Please note that some couriers will return an item to sender if delivery fails on numerous occasions and may charge for a re-delivery attempt.

For heavy items (over 60kgs) our courier will contact you by telephone several days in advance to arrange a suitable delivery date. Once agreed if you find you will be unable to meet the agreed date please contact us within a minimum of 24hrs before the agreed date, so that we can arrange a new delivery date. Failure to inform us of any changes will result in an failed delivery charge.

Does my order have to be delivered to my billing address?

We can deliver your order to any address such as your work address but we will require your billing address during the order process.

Do you deliver to multiple addresses?

If you would like to have items sent to separate addresses, please complete a separate order for each address.

What if my delivery is damaged?

If your delivery is damaged in transit, please contact us within 48 hours on 0800 432 0722, so that we can report this to the courier and arrange for a replacement.

What are 'Special Order' delivery Items?

Very large or very heavy safes (over 1000kgs) are generally available only as a Special Order and can take up to 5-6 weeks to be ready for delivery. We will contact you by telephone once your order is ready for dispatch so that we can arrange a suitable delivery date.

What are 'Made to Order' delivery items?

Some of our product ranges are "Made to Order" and take up to 3 weeks to be manufactured and delivered from the date of order. We will contact you by telephone once your order is ready for dispatch so that we can arrange a suitable delivery date.

What if I need to return my order?

No problem at all. To get a refund, you’ll need to contact us and ask for a Customer Return Authorization (CRA) number, the item will need to be returned within 14 days of the delivery date. For more info on our returns, either see our Terms & Conditions or click here.

Installation FAQ

Do I need to get my safe installed?

Many safes need to be installed either on a DIY basis or by a professional, especially if it comes with pre-drilled holes. Have a look at the product info.

How much does installation cost?

Although our prices don't include installation, we do offer an optional professional installation service, which you can select at point of sale. This is usually chargeable, read the product page for more specific info. Feel free to arrange your own installation too. Just make sure you read the installation instructions included with your safe first.

Please note
To meet the manufacturer's recommended Cash Rating, your insurer may insist on the safe being installed by a qualified installer. Please check with your insurer.

What does the installation service include?

When we deliver your safe, we will bring it inside your building and bolt it to the floor for you. You can have it installed wherever you like as long as there's adequate access, and no more than one step on the delivery route.

We can also install your safe to upper or lower floors accessed via stairs, or providing there's lift access that can take the weight. But please contact us with the specific information first.

If you'd like wall installation, you must first remove the skirting board and any other obstructions. (See 'Can safes be bolted to a wall?' for more info.)

Can I install my own safe?

Absolutely. But please check with your insurer first. Some insurance companies insist that a qualified safe engineer installs the safe.

Installing your own safe

Our safes (excluding gun safes) usually include Anchor Bolts. These are designed to secure a safe to a solid surface. You can replace them with longer/thicker bolts if you want, but check the hole diameter first to ensure they fit. The bolts supplied are normally (but not always) around 75mm in length, and 10/12mm in diameter.

You'll need a good drill (not cordless) and the correct size heavy-duty masonry drill bit, usually 10-12mm diameter.

Make a template so you know where to drill the holes. We recommend cutting a section of the safe box to match the size of the safe, and make holes in the cardboard to match the hole positions on the safe. Use the template to mark where your drilling points should be with a marker pen.

You might need to get a friend to help you, depending on how big or heavy your safe is.

Finally, never drill holes in the safe. This will compromise the security and invalidate your warranty.

Can safes be bolted to the floor?

Yes, unless you have under-floor heating (see Chemical Installation below). All security safes and selected fire safes come with pre-drilled holes in the base specifically for floor installation.

Most safes are supplied with Anchor Bolts. These are designed to be used with a solid surface such as concrete or brick. Solid wood such as floor joists are also fine, but you'll need to get some heavy-duty wood screws.

Floor boards (unless fixing into the joist) are not strong/thick enough. If you don't have a solid floor surface, consider a Chemical Installation or Wall Installation.

Chemical Installation

This involves using an industrial strength adhesive. As it's a relatively new type of installation, we recommend checking with your insurance company beforehand. It's also worth noting that you probably won't be able to take your safe with you if you move house, as moving it could seriously damage the floor. For more info, call us.

Can safes be bolted to a wall?

Some security safes and fire safes include pre-drilled holes in the back for attaching to a wall. But the wall must be solid, for example, an exterior brick wall. Do not install a safe to a stud wall.

First remove a section of the skirting board so that the safe can be fitted flush to the wall. If there's a space between the safe and the wall, it's easy to pry the safe from the wall, so always make it flush.

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