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Fire Rating & Certificates

Fireproof safes are tested to determine their fire rating. This indicates the level of fire resistance, and the items that can be protected. Here are three ways they're tested:

Fire Endurance Test

The fire endurance test

The fire endurance test exposes the safe to furnace temperatures over a period of time to measure the internal temperature.

Explosion Hazard Test

The explosion hazard test

The explosion hazard test simulates the safe being suddenly exposed to superheated temperatures that could cause an explosion.

Fire Drop Test

The fire drop test

The fire drop test measures the strength of the safe and its ability to withstand the effect of failing through a burning, collapsing building.

Fire Rating

We've categorised fire safes into four groups:
Standard, Medium, High and Maximum fire protection

Level Duration
Standard 30 minutes
Medium 60 minutes
High 90 minutes
Maximum 120 minutes +
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