Insurance Rating

Insurance Rating

If you come across the wording 'Insurance Rating' with a value on the site then this is a guide to the amount of cash or valuables you can store in a safe.


The Insurance Rating indicates the maximum amount of cash that an Insurance Company will cover if money is stored in the safe overnight. The rate is determined by the door and wall thickness along with the lock types and general build quality of the safe. As a guide the higher the rating the more secure the safe is.


Obviously safes are used to store a variety of things not just cash. So when you are storing other items such as jewellery you can store up to 10 times the Insurance Rating in worth. So for example if the safe has an insurance rating of £2,000 this means that you can store £20,000 worth of valuables.

Please note - It is important to note that the ratings are manufacturer certified and that you must check with your insurer for exact ratings as Individual Insurer policies do vary.

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