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Window Locks

When choosing a Window Lock you must consider the type of window design and whether the window is made from wood, aluminium or UPVC. Although some window locks will secure different types of window most Window Locks are designed to work specifically with each type of window.

Wooden sash windows which allow the window to open by sliding the lower window panes up will include a sash fastener but this is not considered a lock and can be replaced by a sash window lock or used in conjunction with a Dual Screw Lock or a Sash Stop Lock. A wooden casement window would use a Casement Lock, Rack Bolt Lock or a Push Lock.

Metal window locks should only be used with metal windows and will surface mount to the window frame.

UPVC Window Locks can be supplied with or without a handle to either replace your existing lock or to add additional secondary security.

You can also consider Window Restrictors, while not necessarily a lock, they do aid child safety and are useful for families with small children by determining the amount the window will open.