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Quality counts here at Safe, so we're determined to find out what our customers really think about every product we sell. It helps us to work out which ones to drop from our ranges, and it helps you to pick the perfect product based on real-world performance, not just sales blurb.

Genuine reviews

To help give you the truth about our ranges, we collect authentic customer reviews from genuine customers who've bought the product. We publish everything they say, and that means the good, the bad and the ugly.

Genuine reviews

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Of course we don't expect something for nothing, so every reviewer is entered into our monthly prize draw.

Last month's winner was: Mr Harper from Suffolk

Prize: £50 Amazon Gift Card
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If you'd like to review a product, with your permission your scores, comments, hometown and name (or nickname) may be used on our website or elsewhere online. Don't worry; we'll keep you safe by never displaying any other personal details and by giving you the option to comment anonymously.

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