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Can this be mounted to gate railings?
Haley, London
Yes installing this with cable ties is an option, however this post box does not have a rear access facility. For installation to vertical railings I can recommend the Black Railings Post Box.
Tom W, 7 Jun 2017
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Could you please tell me if this post box has an internal flap as well as an external one? I am looking for a post box that stops mail being retrieved through the flap opening as I am concerned about people being able to put their fingers into the box to take out the post box.
Verity, Stoke on trent
This unit only has one letter flap which moves inwards. You could have a look at our Brabantia - B410 Dark Grey Post Box which is fitted with protective slats to prevent mail from being stolen or you could also consider the Bobi - Classic Grey Letter Box which has the option to have a security baffle fitted.
Javaid H, 17 Mar 2016
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Can this postbox be fitted to a wooden fence?
Dawn Thompson, Wymondham
Providing the box can fit flush to the fence and there is sufficient thickness of material for the fixings this should be possible.
Phil R, 27 Oct 2018
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Do magazines fit into this post box?
zoe, Maidstone
The letter slot is 270mm wide and 35mm high. Most magazines should fit.
Anne K, 24 Mar 2020
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Does the grey correspond to ral 7016 anthracite grey please?
Vera n, Barnsley
The post box does correspond to RAL 7016.
Christian B, 1 Jul 2019
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Can this post box be fitted to a pebble dashed wall?
Meg, Thundersley
Providing the post box can be affixed flush to the wall and the fixings can anchor into a solid substance this should be possible.
Phil R, 11 Mar 2019
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Are any of the Brabantia postbboxes made of galvanised steel? Galvanised steel is important as we live in coastal area and the salt rusts ordinary steel.
Hugh Clark, Salcombe
These boxes are constructed from a high quality pre-coated steel that is suitable for outdoor use including coastal areas. In your circumstances we would often mention Brabantia as being the best choice.
Phil R, 21 Feb 2018
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Can the lock be replaced with a combination lock. We need to allow a lot of people access to the letter box but controlled by the issue of a pass code to open it - thought?
Nigel, Riseley
As standard the post boxes are fitted with a Cam lock operated by keys, there are no combination locks available as an optional upgrade from the manufacturer. You could potentially try to customise the unit with this type of lock but you would need to be sure that the combination lock used is weather resistant.
Phil R, 22 Aug 2016
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Can you tell me if this dark grey post box corresponds to colour number RAL7015 please?
jane, Dublin
Yes this dark grey post box is colour number - RAL7015.
John W, 25 Nov 2016
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