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At we make sure we only send you the emails you want to receive. If you have already ordered from us you have probably received a couple of transactional emails, which will all be related to the order you placed. We will never automatically subscribe you to any marketing or promotional emails, and we will never sell your personal details on to any other company.

Types of Transactional Email

You may have received some of the following emails if you've placed an order with us.

Order Quote
If you have requested a quote from our sales team, you will receive an email listing the products and corresponding prices.

Order Confirmation
Once you place an order with us you will receive an order confirmation, detailing what you have ordered and the total cost.

Order Dispatched
You will receive this email to let you know when your order has been dispatched.

You will receive a pro-forma email if you have ordered with us and requested to pay by bank transfer or cheque.

The Installation email will only be sent if you have requested an installation service, and will confirm your product installation date.

You will receive an invoice email with an attached PDF invoice if you have paid for your order using bank transfer or cheque.

Order Credited
If you request a refund for all or part of an order then you will receive a credited email detailing all items that have been refunded.

Order Problem
You will receive an email in reply to any problems you submit related to your order.

Returns Form
You will receive this email if you have requested to return an item to us. Your returns form will be attached as a PDF file.

Product Review Request
You will receive a request to leave an optional review for the product/s you purchased.

Trustpilot Review Request
You will receive a request to leave an optional review for and our services. We use Trustpilot as a data processor to assist with collecting feedback from customers.

Other Types of Email

If you've ever contacted us through our website you may have also received the following emails.

Autoreply Email
If you use one of our website contact forms then you will receive an autoreply email, confirming that we've received your query.

Double the Difference Discount Code
If you have requested a Double the Difference discount and it is verified, then you will receive this discount code in an email from us.

Q&A Answer
If you submit a Q&A on our website, one of our experts will reply to your question by email.

You are never subscribed automatically

We will never automatically subscribe you to any marketing communications. You can opt-in at any time using the form at the bottom of our website. If you have opted-in to our newsletters, sales, promotions or surveys then you will be the first to receive exclusive discount codes and all the latest product and security news. You may unsubscribe at any time.

If you have any questions about an email you have received, or you think you may have received an email in error then please let us know and we'll do our best to help you.

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