Chubbsafes HomeStar Series

- Insurance rating £2,000.
- Insurance approved.
- Digital keypad with touch screen and 3-8 digit PIN.
- Bright LED light activates when door is opened.
- Carpeted interior to protect valuables.
- Shelf can be removed to create more space.
- 25mm motorised locking bolts.
- Steel body and door with anti-drill protection.
- Installs to floor or wall (fixing kit included).
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ModelExternal Dimensions
Internal Dimensions
Max Screen SizeCapacityWeightPrice
250 x 350 x 250mm244 x 344 x 200mm-17 ltr16 kg
£178.80 inc. VAT
200 x 450 x 400mm194 x 444 x 350mm15.5 inch30 ltr22 kg
£218.40 inc. VAT
400 x 400 x 400mm394 x 394 x 350mm-54 ltr29 kg
£262.80 inc. VAT