Armorgard StrimmerSafe

- Two keyed-alike 5 Lever deadlocks supplied with three keys.
- Lock includes anti-drill plates and anti-cut rollers in the deadbolts.
- Heavy duty construction with 3mm steel lid.
- Double slots allow storage of up to 2 strimmers at once.
- Two hydraulic gas struts assist with lid opening and closing.
- Internal lid support stay to stop the lid falling.
- Serial numbers provide instant identification for key replacements.
- Optional 6" Wheel Kit including 4 heavy duty castor wheels.

Thumbnail of Armorgard StrimmerSafe Vault SSVX6Thumbnail of Armorgard StrimmerSafe Vault SSV12Thumbnail of Armorgard StrimmerSafe Vault SSV6
ModelExternal Dimensions
Pallet Truck SkidsCapacityWeightPrice
445 x 1800 x 555mm-361Ltr63Kg
£593.60 inc. VAT
450 x 1275 x 515mm-235Ltr69Kg
£459.92 inc. VAT
665 x 1970 x 675mmYes659Ltr141Kg
£886.43 inc. VAT

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