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7th July 2021


£2,000 Insurance rated home safe with easy to use digital keypad. Compact and stylish, this Sold Secure approved home safe protects the things that matter most to you.
  • Insurance rating £2,000.
  • Digital keypad with LCD display and 3-8 digit PIN.
  • Bright LED light activates when door is opened.
  • Carpeted interior to protect valuables.
  • Shelf can be removed to create more space.
  • 22mm motorised locking bolts.
  • Installs to floor or wall (fixing kit included).
  • Weight: 16Kg, Size: 250 x 350 x 300mm (HxWxD).
Ref: YSM/250/EG1

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The Yale Certified Safe Home is designed to protect cash and valuables such as jewellery from theft and has a recommended insurance rating of £2,000 cash or £20,000 valuables with a Silver award in the Sold Secure Accreditation** scheme. This home safe is secured by an electronic combination lock including a blue LCD which is powered by 4 x AA batteries (included). For additional peace of mind it is possible to override the electronic lock by a 6 lever high security double bitted key lock (supplied with two keys). The key hole is cleverly concealed behind the Yale Badge.

When the safe door is opened extra bright internal LED lighting reveals a fully felt lined interior and one removable shelf. This safe is also ready prepared for floor or wall fixing via pre-drilled holes in both the back and base of the safe. Fixing bolts are included. This model is also available in 3 larger sizes.

** Sold Secure Accreditation is a certification scheme, based on attack testing, set up by the Police with the help of the Home Office. It is administered by the Master Locksmiths Association, which works closely with Police and insurance companies.
H 250 W 350 D 300 mm
H 240 W 337 D 230 mm
Door Aperture
H 180 W 290 mm
16 kg
18 ltr
† Add 10mm to external depth for keypad.
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Key Features
Insurance Rating*
£2,000 Cash
£20,000 Valuables
Fire Protection
Locked By
Digital Keypad
1 (removable)
Fixing Holes
Floor & Wall
Fixing Bolts
4 (included)
Manufacturer Warranty
2 Years
Security Certificate
Sold Secure Silver
Tested by Sold Secure
Digital Keypad
1 (user changeable)
PIN Length
3 - 8 digits
4x AA (included)
Battery Location
Backup Entry
Override Key
Time Delay
Security & Construction
Locking Bolts
Bolt Diameter
Fixed Hinge Bolts
Steel body and door with with attractive brushed metal handle.
Fits A4 Paper
Interior Light
Carpeted Interior
Automatic Door
Motorised locking bolts open door automatically.
User Guide
Product File

* It is important to note that the ratings are manufacturer certified and that you must check with your insurer for exact ratings as individual insurer policies do vary.

Reviews [474]
Rated 9.1 / 10Rated 9.1 / 10Rated 9.1 / 10Rated 9.1 / 10Rated 9.1 / 10

4.6 / 5

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Peter Ashdown Verified Customer January 2012
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

Perfect size its not to big and not to small like some ive seen else where, very smart and modern looking, seems a shame to hide it away, the keypad works well and theirs an added bonus of the interior light when you open the door,also which is ideal is the backup key incase the battery goes flat on the keypad or you get locked out through inputting the wrong secret number which i havent done yet the key hole is also hidden behind a very smart YALE badge which swivels round adding to the security, The raw bolt that came with the safe were fine you also get the choice of fixing through the back of the safe into a wall or through the bottom into the floor.as for the safe shop it was the best price i found and the delivery was super fast i had no problems atall.

Only problem which isnt realy but i cant think of anything else is the interior light could stay on a bit longer i think you get 30 seconds then you have to push the key button on the front And the light comes back on i suppose its a battery saving thing

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Gary Verified Customer October 2011
Rated 8 / 10Rated 8 / 10Rated 8 / 10Rated 8 / 10Rated 8 / 10 4 / 5

Good product. Full instructions were not included, we had to go online to find out how to set security code.There was a diagram in the box which was next to useless, but it didn't even suggest on there that the full instructions were available on line. We looked in desperation when we couldn't work out how to do it.

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Anonymous Verified Customer January 2011
Rated 8.6 / 10Rated 8.6 / 10Rated 8.6 / 10Rated 8.6 / 10Rated 8.6 / 10 4.3 / 5

This is a good lightweigth safe providing a secure place to keep valuables. I was worried about someone stealing jewellery and documnents, this safe provides reassurance that petty thiefs cannot just take thing from household draws etc. It is very simple to use and provides a function to set and change codes and also has a manual override key that can be kept off site. I am very please. A bit light, but if bolted down it would be very difficult to remove.

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Andrew Verified Customer January 2011
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

An excellent safe,small enough to be discreet and able to hide away but still with a large capacity to store valuables like; passports,wills,bank details e.t.c.

I particularly like the light to illuminate the inside, very handy if the safe is hidden away and also the combination of keypad and key is very handy.

I would also recommend The Safe Shop for excellent prices and service.

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John B Verified Customer February 2011
Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10 4.6 / 5

Substantial, solid-feeling safe. Attractive design. Wide-opening door. Nicely lined with felt, removable shelf and interior lighting by LEDs. Complete with four expansion bolts for installation. Right-hinged only. Keypad could be a bit fiddly for some. Door was a tiny bit wobbly when closed - fixed with a small pad of velcro.

Was this helpful? 28

Robin Verified Customer January 2016
Rated 9.4 / 10Rated 9.4 / 10Rated 9.4 / 10Rated 9.4 / 10Rated 9.4 / 10 4.7 / 5

Had to buy a new safe as the keypad on my old safe failed. Having looked up my old safe on YouTube I also discovered it could be “cracked” by hitting it to make the locking solenoid jump downwards whilst exerting pressure on the handle. A 13 year old demonstrated that he could do it in about five seconds. Time to upgrade!

The Yale certified safe has an electronic keyboard that operates a motor that moves two solid bolts back and forth as the locking mechanism. No solenoid. There is a key override in case anything goes wrong with the electronics or the internal battery runs down, although you do get a low battery warning in plenty of time to replace them (four AA batteries). Make sure that the key is not kept inside the safe or anywhere obvious for a thief to find it (such as on the key rack by the front door). The key is double bitted (that means it has two parts to it, above and below the central key handle), which makes it harder to get copied and the lock harder to pick. The electronic combination is easily alterable to your own desired number. Don’t use 1234 or your birthday or your telephone number.

Fitting is easy for anyone used to DIY. It can be bolted to a wooden surface but I put the safe on a shelf and bolted it to a brick wall. Four expanding bolts come with the safe. Use a masonry drill to drill into a wall, assemble the bolts through the holes in the back of the safe, insert the bolts into the wall holes and tighten the bolts. In my case the holes from the old safe were in the right place and I reused those.

Please note that this safe is NOT fireproof. Yale say it is designed to protect cash to the value of 2,000 & valuables of 20,000 so be aware that it is not for keeping the Attenbury emeralds in, more day to day stuff like cheque books, credit cards, car keys, etc.

I find it quick and easy to use, easy to install and I think that it is good value for the price.

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MDH Verified Customer January 2012
Rated 7.8 / 10Rated 7.8 / 10Rated 7.8 / 10Rated 7.8 / 10Rated 7.8 / 10 3.9 / 5

Exactly what we wanted, good build and easy to set-up and use. LED light is useful when hunting around for loose stuff. The only negative I can mention is that, while the safe can easily store A4 folders lying flat on the self, the door is smaller than A4 making it difficult to get A4 papers and folder in and out of the safe.

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Anonymous Verified Customer January 2012
Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10 4.6 / 5

Like the light! Poor fitting instructions - I "lost" 2 of the fixing bolts before I worked out how to use them - how can I get a couple of replacements; I've tried B&Q etc to no avail

Was this helpful? 7

WAYNE Verified Customer July 2011
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5


Was this helpful? 7

Kaine Verified Customer November 2017
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

Absolutely fantastic safe. I did a lot of research for the highest insurance rating I could afford and for the money this is the best in class. (I was not interested in the actual insurance rating, rather a £2k rated safe passes more rigorous testing than a 1K)

There are 4 mounting holes at the back of the safe. The supplied fixings are not the best, I used 4 x M8 multifix bolts with washers directly in to brickwork. (Drill an M6 hole in your masonry and then drive the M8 anchor bolt in using a ratchet with extender (there is not room for the ratchet to turn in the safe)

2 keys are supplied with the safe. The code can be programmed up to 8 digits long, the numbers of the code can be hidden by astrix on the lcd screen if someone is behind you.

The interior light is a great feature too.

As the bolts are motorized, it does not have a large handle that can be used as leverage to remove the safe.

I do keep A4 documents inside, within a plastic display folder. They do fit, but need to be maneuvered through the smaller than A4 opening.

The safe is powered by 4 x AA batteries and there is a low battery warning.

Overall, very pleased with this safe and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a small office or home safe, prompt delivery and best price!

Was this helpful? 6

Dicky Verified Customer June 2020
Rated 9.6 / 10Rated 9.6 / 10Rated 9.6 / 10Rated 9.6 / 10Rated 9.6 / 10 4.8 / 5

Well made and easy to install. Came with all parts to fit with good instructions. Reasonable storage in the model I purchased which just about fits everything I wanted in. Simple to use and comes with a master key in case the batteries go flat.

The internal light is a major benefit when looking for items as the inside of the safe is black. Might be better if the inside was say a lighter grey.

Overall I am very impressed either the service I received and the quality of the unit.

I fitted the safe and it was not a complicated fit

Was this helpful? 3

Mel Verified Customer June 2020
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

The safe is excellent, easy to use & fit in the exact secure location. Would recommend.

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Amy Verified Customer March 2020
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

Our safe was delivered quickly and efficiently. It was much heavier than I expected! The quality is good and I found it easy to programme and set my combination code. I’ve used it multiple times since purchase and have had no problems with it. An additional feature which I liked is that it comes with a light inside the safe - this is great for trying to find things! It’s also a good size and have managed to fit all of the documents I need to store safely. If you are looking for a reasonable priced safe this model would be perfect for you.

Was this helpful? 4

Anonymous Verified Customer December 2019
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

An excellent product . Robust ,which is easy to use and most effective

Was this helpful? 2

Karen Verified Customer December 2019
Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10 4.6 / 5

Good quality product and easy to install. The only slight thing I don't like about it is that you have to bend A4 paper to get it through the door, but it does sit flat once inside the safe.

Was this helpful? 4

Anonymous Verified Customer November 2019
Rated 8 / 10Rated 8 / 10Rated 8 / 10Rated 8 / 10Rated 8 / 10 4 / 5

Product is very good and does its intended job, instructions need clarification regarding setting up procedure and removing the key from the lock.

Was this helpful? 1

Richard Verified Customer August 2019
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

The product is easy to fit and easy to use, the build quality is solid especially for a smaller safe. Having said smaller there is still plenty of room for the likes of documents, cash and smaller valuables like jewellery, cameras, tablets etc. The nicely finished interior, done in a soft carpet like material makes it friendly against any items that could be scratched easily and a removable shelf if the safe is needed as one whole storage space. If being used in a poorly lit place the Yale safe comes with an interior light built into the door which can be turned on at will. Overall a great product.

Was this helpful? 3

Anonymous Verified Customer August 2019
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

Perfect purchase for us.

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Anonymous Verified Customer August 2019
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

Well built with enough space to store documents and jewellery tray.very easy to install.

Was this helpful?  

Mark Verified Customer July 2019
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

Perfect little safe for our needs, meets our insurance requirements.

Easy to use - very easy to select a code, the key is a nice addition for those senior moments!

Easy to mount to wall with included bolts.

Very sturdy, good size and smooth action of door.

The LED light is nice and bright and makes it easy to see what you are doing.

Quick delivery and fantastic price match service. My query was responded to very quickly. Ordered and received with next day delivery with good communication.

Very happy with the product, service, delivery and price.

Highly recommended all aspects of the order. Happy customer, many thanks.

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FAQs [29]

FAQs (29)

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What happens if the batteries run out of power. Would that mean that the pin number you have used would not work and you would not be able to gain access?
Bob, London
If the batteries run flat the PIN number is retained in the memory but the keypad will not work. You should open the safe using the override key so that you can insert new batteries on the inside of the safe door. Once the batteries are fitted you can use the safe with the PIN you originally set up.
Anthony N
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I have purchased a Yale Certified Safe from you, can you advise if it is OK to bolt freestanding on a wall using bolts supplied, or does it need to be supported?
If installing to a wall we would recommend that the safe be supported by a shelf or plinth to distribute the weight of the unit. Should the weight be focused entirely on the fixing bolts they may eventually fail and cause damage to the wall itself.
Phil R
Was this helpful? 50
What is the steel thickness of the door and the rest of the body?
Andy, Leicester
The thickness of the door is 6mm and the body is 2.5mm.
John W
Was this helpful? 51
The cash and valuables rating: are these still applicable if the safe is installed by myself? Presumably these ratings are what my home insurance provider will uphold for that particular safe?
The security ratings on this safe would still be applicable if you were to install this yourself, providing the safe is installed as per the manufacturer instructions. The cash and valuables rating is an indication of what an insurance company would cover in the event the safe was broken into or stolen.
Phil R
Was this helpful? 48
Before I buy this product I'm wondering if I can fit it inside my bedroom cabinet? I'd fix it to the base of the cabinet which is of wood construction and sits on floorboards. There is no void between the cabinet and the floor boards. Will the bolts suffice? Also will they lock in place? I could also fix on to the back wall at the same time but I believe the back is of plaster board than a void before it goes into breeze block. Is this possible?
Ideally the Yale certified range needs to be installed into either solid concrete/brick or wooden support joists to allow the 4x 70mm fixing bolts to be fully secured. I would not advise bolting the unit into plaster or breeze block as this could cause damage to the walls.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 44
Can this item or any item in the series be fixed inside a closet, fixed to the floor of the closet which is wood? I think this provides extra security and no need to cut carpet etc. Can you also please tell me the length of the bolts needed.
Avis, London
The Yale certified range are designed to be installed ideally into a solid concrete floor or brick wall. Fixing to wood is generally not recommended, especially if the wood is relatively thin. However, if you have no other alternative it is certainly better than no fixing fixing at all. If you fix to the floor of the closet I would advise trying to secure through the closet and into the floor joist. The length of the bolts supplied are 60mm, but they are not designed for timber so would need to be replaced with heavy duty timber screws.
Tom W
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How many PIN codes can I set up to open this safe?
The Yale Certified Safes by Yale have the facility to set up 2 codes; a user code and a master code. Please refer to the Yale Certified Safes User Guide to see how to do this.
Jonathan P
Was this helpful? 37
What is the length and diameter of the fixing bolts for this safe?
BSJ1, Wales
This safe is supplied with 4 fixing bolts which are 65mm in length and have a 10mm diameter.
Phil R
Was this helpful? 35
I would like to wall fix my safe and I would like to understand if your shop can do it for me? If not, who should I ask?
matteo, london
This safe does not have the option for a delivery and install service. The safe is supplied with the fixings and there are pre-drilled holes in the base and back of the unit so you could install this yourself, alternatively an engineer or local tradesman should be able to carry out the installation for you. We do have safes of this level that do offer an installation service such as the Chubbsafes Water 30E should you wish to consider this.
Phil R
Was this helpful? 39
Does this safe have protection against powerful earth magnets.
Paul, Gateshead
All Yale safes have been tested in the UK lab with heavy duty magnets and the safes stayed secure.

Anne K
Was this helpful? 10
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