Buying a new cylinder lock? Read our guide.

Whether you're upgrading your cylinder locks for the first time, or just want the latest advice, we're here to help. Our cylinder lock buying guide will take you through the process from choosing a cylinder type, measuring your lock, and installing a cylinder lock in easy to follow steps.

How to Identify Euro & Oval Cylinder Locks

Choosing the right cylinder lock can make all the difference to your home's security. Learn how to find the right size and shape of lock cylinder, with our guide to identifying Euro & Oval cylinders. Simply match your existing cylinder to our guide below, and get instant recommendations from our team of security experts.

Euro cylinder shape

Euro profile cylinder

Most locks in the UK take the euro cylinder. This is the one we'd advise if you're choosing a new lock. It's narrower at the bottom with a larger rounded top, a bit like a lollipop.

Euro cylinders come in more sizes than oval cylinders. There are far more brands to choose from, and you get more features too, such as a thumbturn instead of a key, or symmetrical keys.

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Oval cylinder shape

Oval profile cylinder

An oval cylinder operates exactly like a euro cylinder. They're not as popular though which makes them slightly trickier to replace.

It's important to note that there aren't as many oval cylinders compared to euro cylinders available.

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iOnce you know the shape, you need to know which size. Use our measuring guide.

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