Choosing a keyed alike cylinder lock? Read our guide.

Perfect for the workplace, keyed alike cylinder locks enable you to use one key to secure multiple doors. Learn how to measure a keyed alike cylinder lock, and choose the right lock for the job, with our expert guide.

Keyed Alike

A cylinder is normally supplied 'keyed to differ' but a 'keyed alike' cylinder is handy if you need locks on multiple doors.

Keyed alike

With a keyed alike cylinder, one key unlocks multiple cylinders. For example, you could use the same key for your front and back door, or your home and office. So you only need one key.

Keyed Alike

Keyed to differ

Keyed to differ is standard, and every cylinder comes with its own set of keys unique to that cylinder.

Keyed to Differ

Keyed Alike Cylinders

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