Buying a new cylinder lock? Read our guide.

Cylinder locks play an important part in your home or office security. This straightforward guide will tell you all you need to know before you buy.

Extra Security

Cylinder pins

Cylinder pins

The more pins, the greater the level of security. So if a lock has more pins, it will be much harder to pick, drill and bump.


Anti-Drill cylinders

Anti-drill cylinders give several levels of drill protection including ceramic plates and hardened steel pins. With these in place, it's virtually impossible to drill the lock.


Anti-Pick cylinders

Some criminals are skilled at lock picking, and an Anti-Pick cylinder includes special lock pins that prevent this. In general though, a potential thief will try to break in using the easier, but more forceful cylinder snapping method.


Anti-Bump cylinders

Lock bumping is a method burglars use whereby a specifically made key is used to manipulate the lock pins. This type of key is difficult to get hold of, but they make for very quick, very easy entry access, and leave no sign of forced entry. With an Anti-bump cylinder, the specially configured lock pins cannot be manipulated.

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