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FireStar Fireproof Office Safe


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The largest of our best-selling FireStar range can store 4 large files - ideal in the office.
  • 60 minute fire rating, £2,000 insurance rating.
  • Digital keypad with 4-16 digit PIN.
  • Master reset code in case of lock out.
  • Adjustable shelf can be removed to create space.
  • Handy pull out tray for organising small items.
  • Installs to floor (fixing kit included).
  • Weight: 53Kg, Size: 515 x 405 x 440mm (HxWxD).

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Product Details

Safe The FireStar Large by Safe is from our own brand of multi-purpose fire and security safe and is ideal for use at home or in the office for protecting important paper work and digital media such as external hard drives from fire and theft. This safe comes with a recommended insurance rating of £2,000 cash or £20,000 valuables and is also tested and certified to NT Fire 017 - 60P standard to offer up to 60 minutes fire protection for paper documents.

The safe door is secured by a battery powered digital keypad which can be set with your own user code. For additional piece of mind there is also a unique master code in the event of a lock out.

The safe body is constructed from galvanised steel plate to exacting standards and includes fire resistant barrier material built into the safe walls. The safe body is also finished in an attractive black scratch resistant paint and is prepared for floor fixing by way of pre-drilled holes in the base of the safe, with fixing bolts included. There are also 2 smaller sizes available in this range.
ExternalH 515 W 405 D 440 mm
InternalH 400 W 300 D 300 mm
Weight53 kg
Volume37 ltr
† Add 40mm to external depth for hinges and handle and keypad.
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Key Features
Insurance Rating*£2,000 Cash
£20,000 Valuables
Recommended by Manufacturer
Fire Protection60 minutes
Locked ByDigital Keypad
Shelves1 (adjustable)
Fixing HolesFloor
Fixing Bolts2 (included)
Manufacturer Warranty2 Years
Security Certificate
Fire Certificates
NT Fire 017 - 60P
Tested by SP - Sweden
DIP120 - 60DM
Tested by Manufacturer
Protection from FireCD/DVD
Digital Media
External Hard Disk
USB Sticks
Drop Test9.1 meters
Digital Keypad
PIN Qty2 (user changeable)
PIN Length4 - 16 digits
Batteries4x AA (included)
Battery LocationExternal
Backup EntryMaster Reset
Time DelayNo
Security & Construction
Locking Bolts2
Bolt Diameter16mm
Fixed Hinge BoltsYes
ConstructionDouble walled steel body and door filled with fire resistant barrier material.
Key Hooks4
Lever Arch Capacity4 files
Interior LightNo
Carpeted InteriorNo
Lifetime Fire ReplacementYes
User GuideDownload

* It is important to note that the ratings are manufacturer certified and that you must check with your insurer for exact ratings as individual insurer policies do vary.

Reviews [114]
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Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10

4.6 / 5

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Verified Customer December 2011
Rated 9 / 10Rated 9 / 10Rated 9 / 10Rated 9 / 10Rated 9 / 10 4.5 / 5

It does exactly what it says on the tin. Everything works as described.

Particularly good for our use is that it can take A4 files, ring and lever arch, vertically, and still leave the tray above for smaller items.

Minor comment only:

- the twist handle, if left clockwise, means the door can be closed without having to re-enter the combination; but if not opened carefully the vibration can shake the handle back round.

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Verified Customer January 2011
Rated 8.4 / 10Rated 8.4 / 10Rated 8.4 / 10Rated 8.4 / 10Rated 8.4 / 10 4.2 / 5

Telephone customer agents were excellent. The safe is exactly what we wanted for a reasonable price. So we are pleased.

There was a chip on the safe which was a bit disappointing. But it wasn't worth sending back for a small chip. This appears to be something done before the safe was sent as the transit packaging was very protective. The only serious gripe was the delivery company who did not deliver on the day arranged and then proceeded to tell us that they had done two attempts. Even though we knew this NOT to be true.

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Verified Customer August 2011
Rated 9.6 / 10Rated 9.6 / 10Rated 9.6 / 10Rated 9.6 / 10Rated 9.6 / 10 4.8 / 5

Good value, easy to use. Would have preferred key option in case combination number is forgotten.

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Verified Customer June 2012
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

easy to use

Was this helpful? 9

Verified Customer July 2012
Rated 7.8 / 10Rated 7.8 / 10Rated 7.8 / 10Rated 7.8 / 10Rated 7.8 / 10 3.9 / 5

The safe is good quality and value. Even though shown as large, I still struggled to fit A4/foolscap files/papers when together other items on the shelf. I may have too much stuff!

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Verified Customer December 2014
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

The safe was delivered promptly, I asked for it to be put inside my front door and this was done. The fixing was completed by myself, it was one of the larger safes not too heavy to slide around. It is easy to open and even easier to close. I needed a fire proof safe as I wanted it for keeping documents, data backup discs in etc. There is plenty of space inside with a small slide out shelf which is useful for keeping jewellery in and another adjustable shelf. My advise is decide what you want to store in the safe, get inside measurement to check items fit and for what it costs go up one size, its better to have more space than not enough

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Verified Customer December 2014
Rated 8.4 / 10Rated 8.4 / 10Rated 8.4 / 10Rated 8.4 / 10Rated 8.4 / 10 4.2 / 5

I was looking for a safe which would accommodate a laptop and camera equipment as well as the usual documents, and this fits the bill. It is fireproof and bolts to the floor easily (depending on your floor!). The instructions are reasonably clear as far as setting the combination goes, and it's worked like a dream so far. The dial and keypad feel a bit flimsy but I am sure do the trick just fine. There are some key hooks inside the door which is quite useful as well. Looked around for a while to find the safe that fitted my requirements and was within budget, and this was the only one. The interior is metal, so I may fit some carpet or something to protect the laptop a bit more.

A good purchase.

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Verified Customer October 2014
Rated 8.8 / 10Rated 8.8 / 10Rated 8.8 / 10Rated 8.8 / 10Rated 8.8 / 10 4.4 / 5

I recently purchased this fire safe from the safe shop because it had the added security of a £20,000 rating for valuables. I have previously bought a safe from the safe shop and I have found them very helpful and professional and their recommendations’ are spot on. Delivery on this and the previous occasion has been very prompt and issue free. Safes are very heavy objects but are packed well and therefore arrive by courier undamaged ready for installation. The safe is well constructed heavy duty and looks like it would not be easy to break in to. It protects valuable papers and hard drive data against fire and indeed theft. The only issue is the plastic feel to the handle to open the safe but I can live with that. I would certainly recommend this safe and the safe shop and if in doubt phone them as they give good help and advice for your peace of mind, insurance, and security

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Verified Customer October 2014
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

We bought this safe as a reaction to having a fire at the property so this made us think about what we might have lost had the fire brigade not arrived in good time to put out the flames. I realised I needed something for storing very expensive computer dongles and also to keep vehicle registration documents, passports, property deeds and other items that would be difficult or time-consuming to replace. The safe has a shelf to divide this up and makes organising the contents easier. Access to information is also simplified. The small plastic drawer split into small compartments is ideal for storing a back-up data drive and also computer dongles. The safe can be bolted to the floor or a wall but at 50kg is not something you'd want to pick up and carry very far. Getting in and out using the keypad is simple and the fact that the battery compartment is on the outside means I can change the batteries without the faff of having to access the inside when they're dead.

The whole thing feels chunky and well made and hopefully will provide enough fire protection should we ever need it.

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Verified Customer February 2013
Rated 7 / 10Rated 7 / 10Rated 7 / 10Rated 7 / 10Rated 7 / 10 3.5 / 5

Good solid buid. could not change door orientation.

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Verified Customer October 2019
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

I am really impressed with the size and quality of this safe. I bought it with the intention of using to store all of our important document for 2 reasons, 1st theft and 2nd in case of fire. The safe is very large and weight a tonne! I have been able to store 2 x A4 lever arch folder and another 12 A4 pouches full of documents. On top of this there is a tray in the top for valuables. The quality is excellent and feels very well made. Very easy to use with ability to set any combination required. Overall i am very pleased and think it is great value for money.

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Verified Customer October 2019
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

Very happy with our purchase

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Verified Customer October 2019
Rated 8 / 10Rated 8 / 10Rated 8 / 10Rated 8 / 10Rated 8 / 10 4 / 5

I purchased this type of safe to replace an older, Diplomat brand of similar size. This one is slightly bigger internally which does make a difference compared to the older key / combination one that I had. The digital combination numbers allows for a greater number to be used and making it a lot more-difficult for anyone to stumble on the correct combination.So far, so good.

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Verified Customer July 2019
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

Excellent safe, I wanted it to store digital files and documents and it is ideal for this.

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Verified Customer July 2019
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

Great safe ,easy to use and terrific space !

Would highly recommend .

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Verified Customer June 2019
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

The Church needed a safe and secure place to keep all of its essential and sensitive records for things like General Data Protection Regulations purposes and current financial information. The safe we ordered and received in a timely fashion suits the bill perfectly. It is compact , yet efficient ly spacious, the operation is uncomplicated and yet very secure in operation .Its compact nature ensures that it can fit neatly into our limited secure store and yet be readily accessible by the personnel who need regular access to its contents. All in all we are very happy with the product and would recommend it to others.

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Verified Customer May 2019
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

Heavy duty excellent home safe

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Verified Customer May 2019
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 5 / 5

We bought this safe for a new house and had it concreted in to the basement floor. It was easy to install (according to the builders) and very simple to set up and change the PIN - the most difficult part was choosing on a number we could agree on!

We are using the safe to store a few items of jewellery of sentimental value, our wills and backups of hard disk drives.Occasionally we have charity collections in the house overnight so it is reassuring to know the cash is secure until we can go to the bank.

Overall very pleased we bought this!

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Verified Customer April 2019
Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10Rated 9.2 / 10 4.6 / 5

Great Safe. Picked this safe due its storage capacity and the information given on the listing was very accurate as to both the internal and external dimensions. The safe was delivered within the time window specified and it is not too heavy that you need a team of people to manoeuvre it in to place. It also comes with fixing screws for securing to the floor. The instructions provided for programming the safe were poorly translated, however it wasn't too hard to figure it out. The fact that you can have two codes to allow someone temporary access is very handy also. Very happy overall.

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Verified Customer December 2018
Rated 8.4 / 10Rated 8.4 / 10Rated 8.4 / 10Rated 8.4 / 10Rated 8.4 / 10 4.2 / 5

Decent bit of kit. Purchased it to replace a smaller Sentry safe. Now have much more room and separation compartment. Like the digital combination, but would have preferred an opening handle instead of a knob. The unit was delivered on the agreed date, and came well packaged. Although I had only ordered delivery to front door, the delivery man raised no objection to placing into the garage at the side of my property. I consider that the item was well priced in comparison to rival products available on the internet. All in all I consider this to be good product and expect to get many years service out of it.

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Q&A [20]

Questions & Answers (20)

I am interested in buying the FireStar Safe but like some of the reviews feel nervous about relying on the electronic lock. The plastic looks flimsy. How would I get access if the lock was maliciously damaged or it just failed?
Although an electronic lock cannot be considered 100% failure proof it is very unusual for a lock to fail. Problems generally experienced by electronic locks tend to be forgotten PIN codes and flat batteries. If you forget your code we can supply a unique master-reset code on production of a proof of purchase and the batteries are installed from the outside of the door and can easily be replaced should they go flat.

In the unlikely event of a failure a qualified locksmith would be required to open the safe. If this occurred during the warranty period the safe would be replaced if required.
Anne K, 13 Apr 2016
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We are thinking of buying this fire safe, please could you advise on the size/type of fixings that secure it to the floor, as we need to check with our premises that we'd be able to attach it without causing any damage.
The fixing bolts provided with this safe are called Expansion Bolts, with the dimensions - Length: 105mm and Diameter: 12mm. The bolt is designed to anchor against the material it is bolted to, the optimum being a solid concrete surface.

Phil R, 9 Jan 2015
Was this helpful? 60
Is the safe fireproof even with the bolt holes in the bottom?
Jonathan, Devon
The safe arrives with a rubber plug inside each of the bolt holes in the bottom of the safe. This will ensure the safe is air tight and fire proof. The safe is designed to be installed to a solid concrete floor by using the fixing bolts included. Once installed correctly, the safe will be secured from theft and air tight to allow up to 60 minutes fire protection in up to 945° C heat.
Jonathan P, 16 Jul 2014
Was this helpful? 67
What size drill bit do you need to fix this to a concrete floor?
The drill bit size needed for the installation is 12mm.
Steven T, 18 Apr 2018
Was this helpful? 58
I am looking to put the safe in our bedroom on the first floor. Can the safe be bolted to the floorboards? Or does it require to be installed into concrete?
Steven Cullum, Edinburgh
The safe ideally needs to be installed to a concrete or brick surface. Floorboards, unless fixing into the joist, are not strong enough. If you don't have a solid floor surface, you could consider a chemical (glue) installation.
Phil R, 26 Sep 2016
Was this helpful? 62
1) Can the shelf and tray be removed to give the full internal dimension?

2) Is the inside height at least 380mm?
Douglas McCallum, Glasgow
The shelf and tray can be removed to allow an internal dimension of: H410 x W300 x D300mm.
Anne K, 13 Apr 2016
Was this helpful? 44
I can see the safe comes with a drawer, is it possible to get multiple drawers at the expense of the height?
Matt, Bristol
Additional drawers cannot be fitted to this safe as there is no means to affix these below the one drawer supplied.
Phil R, 26 Feb 2018
Was this helpful? 41
Is there any reason I can't fit this safe in a cellar below ground level within a solid stone wall? The base would be secured into a concrete pad as you suggest and then I would fill all around the back and sides with expanding foam simply to offer more insulation. The cellar is dry and at a constant 12 degrees all year round. The hole to be fitted into is not near an outside wall and so is not prone to any external water.
Anonymous, Sheffield
Fitting the safe into the cellar is perfectly fine providing it is not subject to damp conditions. The FireStar Series comes prepared for floor fixing rather than to the wall due to the fire protection. Our advice is to install to a concrete floor.
Tom W, 27 Jan 2017
Was this helpful? 59
We have this safe installed and want to change the security code.
Barbara , Ronald
Please find instructions for how to change the combination here
Anne K, 7 Oct 2016
Was this helpful? 61
Can the FireStar safe be wall mounted?
Mike Griffin, Daventry
Our FireStar safe is only suitable for base fixing to a concrete floor due to its 60 minute fire rating. We do offer wall mount fire safes but they only include a 30 minute fire rating.

Anne K, 13 Apr 2016
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