ERA HomeGuard Smart Alarm Pro - Superior Kit

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Cloud-based and fully integrated, this alarm system alerts you via app notification or phone call.
  • Wi-Fi enabled smart hub.
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Lightwave.
  • Timed arm/disarm via the HomeGuard Pro App.
  • Solar powered 110db external siren box.
  • Adjustable siren volume and duration.
  • Built-in SIM Card holder (standard sized SIM*).
  • GSM phone call alerts with up to 5 stored numbers.
  • Optional email alerts when alarm is triggered.
  • keypad operated by PIN code or RFID Tag.
  • Includes pet friendly PIR motion detector.
  • Batteries for all components are included.
  • Connect up to 50 sensors and 10 remote controls.
  • 2 Year warranty.
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Product Details

The ERA HomeGuard Alarm series are a range of smart home security alarms designed to give you ultimate control of your home security. The intuitive wireless system has been designed with DIY in mind ensuring no wiring or running cables in walls or under the carpet and you won't need the services of a qualified electrician. Each HomeGuard alarm is also compatible with Lightwave smart products.

The alarm components are easy to install on a DIY basis and have a wide 80 metre wireless range (in open field conditions) using a 433MHz frequency, ensuring you can place them practically anywhere.

The ERA HomeGuard Smart Alarm Pro - Superior Kit is a cloud based, wireless smart alarm with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and SIM Card holder. The system is operated via a smartphone app and can also be armed and disarmed with one of the included remote controls, or the wireless RFID keypad. When the alarm is triggered, a loud 93dB siren will sound from the alarm hub to alert others of an intruder and the system will also alert you via phone call or app notification. This alarm kit also includes a wireless solar powered external siren box which produces an 110db siren. The system can store up to 5 emergency phone numbers, in case of a triggered alarm, and will call each stored phone number in sequence until the alert has been answered.

The Superior Alarm Pro connects up to 50 sensors and 10 remote controls, allowing you to customise your alarm system to suit your property and lifestyle.

In the box

Smart Hub1 x HomeGuard Smart Hub
The HomeGuard Smart Hub is the heart of the alarm system and is both Wi-Fi and GPRS enabled. The hub connects to your home broadband via Wi-Fi and links each wireless device on your alarm system. In the event of a power failure, the system automatically switches to the GPRS network.

PIR Motion Detector2 x Pet PIR Motion Detectors
The pet friendly sensor activates when larger movement is detected making it ideal for homes with one small pet (less than 20 - 25kg). The detector should be placed in the corner of rooms that are vulnerable to intruders . When the alarm is armed an infrared sensor will detect any larger movement and activate the loud alarm siren.

Door Sensor Contact2 x Door Sensor Contacts
When the alarm is armed, if a door or window that is protected by the contact is opened the contact is broken activating the loud external siren.

Remote Keyfobs2 x Remote Keyfobs
The keyfob is used to arm or disarm the alarm system without the need for a PIN code and can be used from any room in your home. The keyfob also includes a panic button should you need to sound the alarm in an emergency.
Keypad Control Panel1 x Wireless Touch RFID Keypad
The Wireless RFID Keypad, supplied with 2 RFID tags, is used to arm or disarm the alarm system via entry of your own 4 digit PIN code or by simply swiping an RFID tag across the keypad.

Outdoor Siren Box1 x Outdoor Siren Box
The solar powered siren box includes a rechargeable battery and does not require a mains power supply. Fitted in a highly visible location on the exterior of the property the loud 110dB siren will sound and the LED will flash when the alarm is triggered.

Need additional sensors or components for the HomeGuard Alarm? Order together and SAVE


Alarm control by SmartPhone
You can access all of the alarm settings and features via the ERA HomeGuard Pro App (available for iOS and Android). The system can be activated and deactivated using your SmartPhone.*

ERA Home Guard Smartphone App

Safeland Connect Homes
This ERA alarm is compatible with Safeland (previously Trygve) - an online community that allows people to connect to other people in their local neighbourhood via a SmartPhone app or PC. When connected, the alarm can alert other users when it is triggered and the neighbourhood can then pull together using Safeland messaging to deal with the situation as a team.
Find out more here.

Lightwave compatible
All ERA HomeGuard alarms are compatible with Lightwave smart products, providing full control of lighting, heating and power solutions via your smartphone, for the perfect smart home experience.

GSM telephone connectivity
The alarm system includes a built-in SIM card holder and can store up to five individual telephone numbers and will send call alerts when the alarm is triggered.

Part arming by zone
The alarm can be set to create two different zones allowing you to arm one or both zones. This can be especially useful if you decide to split the upstairs and downstairs of a property into two zones. While away from the property you would activate both zones and during the night you could activate only the downstairs zone.

* Requirements: This alarm system requires a Wi-Fi broadband connection or a standard sized SIM Card (Excludes Three network). SmartPhone must be iOS 7.0 and above or Android 4.4 and above.

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